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How Does Lattise Work for Natural Eyelashes growth?

Before understanding how Lattise works, it is essential to understand what exactly Lattise is. It is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which is used under the prescription of a doctor as a treatment for hypotrichosis, which is a condition where individuals have insufficient eyelash growth.

How does Lattise work?

In simple terms, Lattise is good nourishment for the eyelashes. The active ingredient present in it is known as bimatoprost, which increases the growth span of every hair in the eyelash.

Every hair in our body has three different growth stages, which include:

  •  Anagen is the first phase where the hair is in the growing stage.
  •  Catagen is the second stage, in which the hair has fully grown but still remains active or live.
  •  Telogen is the third stage, where the hair stops to grow and falls out after some days.

All these three stages together can be termed as a complete cycle of each hair and takes a few months. After one cycle, the next new hair grows in the same pore after a few months. Now, this growth cycle varies between each part of our body. Lattise essentially influences this growth cycle by increasing the anagen span, which allows the hair to grow longer, thicker, and darker. Lattise also decreases the gap between two different cycles.

How long does the effect of Lattise last?


Since Lattise affects only the growth cycle, it won’t work on the new set of hair after you stop using this product. Hence, whenever you stop using it, as long as the set of hairs that are influenced by Lattise remain, the effect would remain, and when the new set of hair grows, you will tend to have the normal growth rate and quality that was present prior to using Lattise.

Since Lattise is FDA approved, it can be used under the prescription of a doctor for as long as the effects are desired.


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One thought on “How Does Lattise Work for Natural Eyelashes growth?

  1. Dorothy on said:

    I have been using for over a year. Had a little irritation at first with but then it went away. The lashes are bit wiry looking at times when I look at them – but I really enjoying the length

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